Mini Egg Chocolate Brownies

Cadbury’s Mini Eggs are very popular in my house and the fact that they are only available around Easter makes them extra special! I bought a couple of packets and wanted to use them in baking – then my boyfriend ate them, so I bought some more – then he ate those, so I bought some more! Eventually I got around to choosing a recipe and for me there was one clear winner – Mini Egg chocolate brownies. You can add Mini Eggs to any chocolate brownie recipe; I used Nigella’s everyday brownies recipe which you can find here. In retrospect what I should have done is saved some of the mini eggs and added them on top of the part-baked brownie five minutes before the end; this would have ensured there were some to decorate the top as they all sank in! You can see the mini eggs inside the brownies though: and they did taste very good. Have you tried adding mini eggs to chocolate brownies?

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